Yes we are ……

6 Mar



I realise that our last update was more than three months ago and that probably most of you have already forgotten about us. But since we have a lovely little guestroom awaiting you in Bali, we guessed we could bother you guys again with an update on our lives 😉

We have uploaded some new pictures and there are already written stories about Whale Sharks and India waiting on the Ipad, but lets inform you first about our Bali experience.

“What are you going to do in Asia? , Where are going to live? , How are you going to make some money over there!? , What is your plan? , What the fuck you guys think you are doing?!” – Were the standard questions we had to answer the last year after announcing us leaving. Everytime when people confronted us with these obvious questions we ignored them with a casual smile, by shrugging our shoulders and answering semi relaxed ” Euhhhh…. dunno… to be honest….”.
Friends who were determined to find out if we had seriously lost our mind and kept asking, were comforted with the answer: “We will make up our minds during the trip. By the time we have arrived on Bali we will have a fabulous plan. The trip will open our eyes and mind and will give us a ground breaking idea for a 4 hour work week on the beach and lots of dollars on the bank…”. Yeah right, sounds cool, but during our trip there was a lot of time for beautiful views, outrageous nature, extraordinay adventures and lots of cold beers, but no spare minute left for any future planning. So when on the 7th of December our plane landed on Bali, reality suddenly hit us hard.

While still landing, Manengu and I looked at eachother suddenly not so happy and relaxed anymore. Why did it feel so different this time to arrive on the magical, tropical, holiday island Bali!? Why were all the Aussies in the plane so excited and were we almost longing for some extra hours in the plane?! Because time was almost up and we still had no fucking clue of what we were going to do….

As we were not ready for the touristy and western life yet, we decided to find a house in the stunning surroundings of Ubud. Endless rice padi’s, silence and yoga was what we desired. If we feel the urge to go out one night, we can always take a taxi to the night life of Seminyak. And again….. yeah right, sounds cool, but no. When you are living the stressfull life in Amsterdam there are often moments you think that a life with silence, yoga, no nightlife and no crazy deadlines will make you happy. But after 7 months being surrounded by the middle of nowhere, having all the time of the world and after one week of green rice padi’s, going to bed at nine and practising our lotus posture, we went absolutely nuts! Some things you just cannot change. Before we knew it we had moved our stuff to Seminyak and were out and about in all bars every night, socialising, networking and testing the cold beer again. When you actually want to start a life somewhere, rice padi’s will not do the trick. At least not for us.

Bali is luckily an easy going Island where meeting great people is not a difficulty. Every night a party or dinner where you meet new people again. Especially meeting Jochem and Carolina was a blessing. People who take such good care of you and with who you actually connect, do make the difference. And while checking out the bars and Arak Madu, several job opportunities came along already. Me being a big control freak was again confronted with the fact that things also often turn out well, when not everything is exactly planned and scheduled.

From the 22nd of December the reunion started. Several close friends came to visit Bali for spending their Christmas and New Years with us and maybe also just a little bit for sun, beach and cultural beauty 😉 . Great to be surrounded by my friends again, to have the girly talks and snuggles. A relief to have actual conversations again as during traveling you often don’t get much further than introducing yourself, discussing where you have been and where you are going next.

When friends were leaving, other friends and family were arriving. While helping Jochem setting up The Shine Villas, doing sight seeing and parties with new and old friends and still living from our backpack, we still had no place to live. Moving from guesthouse to friends and from friends back to guesthouses, the first signs of stress started to appear. I was longing for one place, my own bed, clean sheets, a bathroom I did not have to share and some new underwear. But luckily our patience got rewarded with a cute little house in Umalas with a little pool overlooking the rice padi’s. Only 5 minutes from Seminyak and beach in a local Balinese street. But most important we have two bedrooms, so we cannot wait for your visit when we are back on Bali in May after visiting family and friends in Holland and Spain in April 🙂





















5 Responses to “Yes we are ……”

  1. Dirk March 13, 2012 at 4:00 pm #

    Thanks for the update!

  2. Mikala March 7, 2012 at 11:30 pm #

    Wow lieverds, wat ziet dat er lekker tropisch en gezellig uit!!!! Can’t wait for september… Dikke kusjes

  3. Lyanne March 7, 2012 at 2:03 pm #

    Heimweee!!!!! Met die foto’s!!! Ben heel hard aan het werken aan mijn excuus waardoor ik weer jullie kant op mocht komen;-) Eerst april!! Heel veel zin om jullie weer te zien! Enjoy het maandje rust! KUS

  4. Lara March 6, 2012 at 8:42 am #

    Guys.. Wat ziet het er weer ge-wel-dig uit! Zit ik hier dan met m’n goede gedrag achter de computer te werken, mezelf afvragend what THE hell i am doing here!? Zoveel zin om jullie te bezoeken! Eerst weer Queensday(!) samen.. Jeeeaaajj en dan Spanje?! En dan Baaaalliiiiiii .. Heel veel zin in allemaal.. Baal wel dat jullie er vrijdag niet bij zijn! Dan vier ik mijn verjaardag in caffe Esprit.. Maar lieve lieverds, we denken veel aan jullie en enjoy your journey! Veel liefs en knuffels van ons x

  5. peter makkes March 6, 2012 at 7:42 am #

    Very dear Manengu and Hilje.
    I loved to read your update again!! Already I’m homesick for U2 and Bali. In 10 days I will see Bou and Nanette and we start our camino again and will have a lot of time to exchange stories about you, Bali etc.
    Have fun and take care!!!
    Love and kisses,

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