The Jungle Boys of Sekumpul

26 May

After attending a mass cremation ceremony of more than 250 bodies in Sudaji, Bali,* we were so extremely hot that we needed some cooling off. We decided to go to the Sekumpul waterfalls. The seven different waterfalls are beautifully set in a lush gorge of unspoiled jungle.

On the way to the falls we met these boys. Abandoned by their mother they are now being taken care of by their two young sisters and other villagers. Zan Zan, a friend of us, who lives in a village near the boys, had taught them some Indonesian songs in order for them to earn some extra change.

* A post of this mass cremation will follow soon


One Response to “The Jungle Boys of Sekumpul”

  1. nanette May 26, 2012 at 9:15 am #

    Lovely, so typical Indonesia! Especially with the dog walking through the images that reminds me of the pirated movies we used to watch, when somebody in the audience would shoot/copy the movie while it was playing and people walking in front of that camera, haha!

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