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The Shine Villas Umulas, Bali

19 Mar

In my previous post I shortly mentioned ‘The Shine Villas’ ; The two stunning luxury villas in Bali that are owned by friends of ours. A spontaneous project what he started two years ago what turned out in two extraordinary beautiful villas that offer all luxury and beauty you expect from Bali.

Luckily the Hotelschool wasn’t for nothing after all as I am now helping my friend to get the villas ready for rental, hire and train the staff and do some sales and marketing to make sure as many guests as possible get to enjoy these stunning villas in magical Bali.

These two villas are mind blowing, luxurious and have a great location nearby Seminyak. Besides the fact that the staff is lovely and kind, they are also now very well trained to maintain the villas clean and beautiful, but most of all ready to take very good care of you and your freshly prepared breakfast in the morning.

Please see our website http://www.theshinevillas.com for some more information on the villas, location and prices. When you or your friends are interested, please contact me directly, as I would love to make you a special deal and welcome you in The Shine Villas.

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