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Saving the best for last?

14 Nov


The 9th of November our 4 month Africa trip was officially over. After a great relaxing week in Mozambique, we flew from Maputo to Mumbai.

India…. The country I was waiting for so long. While sitting in the plane I was fearing to be dissapointed as my expectations were so extremely high of this crazy country. But no. It took me a 45 minute taxi ride to realize that India indeed is THE country that tickles all your senses; the colours, the smells, the noise, the temperature, the friendly smiles and people and cars just everywhere. A complete mess, but an absolute stunning chaos. I am sorry Cape Town, but the Mumbai circus has already stolen my heart.

Tomorrow the real adventure is about to begin. Our friend from Amsterdam arrived on Saturday to celebrate his birthday, but most of all to join us for a motortrip through Rajasthan. Twelve days on a Royal Enfield, just like Manengu used to do with his family when they where living in Delhi in the 90’s.

Ralph, Manengu and I are now awaiting the big day. All three a bit restless in our tiny hotelroom in Old Delhi. Hard to fall a sleep. Two shiny Enfields are now waiting outside our hotelroom, both covered in beautiful flowers, incents and some pictures of Ganesh; A Hindu ceremony lead by Lalli Singh, to wish us luck and good health during the trip. 8 more hours and we are off…!


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